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zircon refractory bricksare refractory products made of natural zircon sand (ZrSIO4) as raw materials. The production process is as follows: the natural zircon sand is destroy...

  • Sep
    Zircon refractory bricks
    Posted at 2022/9/20 in NEWS & EVENT

    The relative molecular mass of zirconia (ZrO2) is 123.2, the true density is 5.68g/cm3, the melting point is 2670°C, the Mohs hardness is 6.5 degrees, and the average linear ...

  • Sep
    Introduction of sillimanite brick
    Posted at 2022/9/19 in NEWS & EVENT

    Sillimanite bricks are refractory bricks with good characteristics, which are prepared from sillimanite minerals by high temperature firing method or slurry casting method. Si...

  • refractory bricks stoveare inorganic non-metallic materials with a refractoriness of not less than 1580°C. They are the basic materials for high-temperature technology, the s...

  • Sep
    Silicon carbide brick classification
    Posted at 2022/9/15 in NEWS & EVENT

    (1) Clay bonded silicon carbide bricks

    Clay bonded silicon carbide bricks are refractory products fired with silicon carbide as the main raw material and clay as the...

  • Sep
    High temp refractory cement
    Posted at 2022/9/14 in NEWS & EVENT

    High-temperature refractory cement is a special cement that can withstand a certain high temperature. Both aluminate cement and high-alumina cement are high-temperature refrac...

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