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Chromium corundum brick

Mar 21,2015
Chromium corundum brick was called corundum high wear assistant chrome steel spout brick. It was promoted as high-end products by us to the market in the recent years, it was made by compounding pure alumina oxide Al2O3 and chromium oxide Cr2O3 functioned the main raw material, comparing with pure corundum brick, it has better performance such as refractoriness, load softening deformation temperature, breaking strength, high temperature creep, high temperature volume stability and slag resistance. It was mainly used sliding rails of steel rolling heating furnace and steel tapping platform, slots, and the easy wear parts for other industrial furnaces. Chromium corundum brick is an advanced refractory, the service life can reach to 10 to 18 months reported by several rolling mills.
Practice shows that the high wear-resistant chrome corundum brick was used on the steep tapping spout with larger unit area friction and high yield for heating large cross-section billet, it not only can significantly extend the life of the steel tapping spout, but also reducing shutdown time, increase production, reduce refractory consumption and maintenance costs. Besides, because of time reducing of thermal and cool shocking caused by shutdown for maintenance,  the overall life of furnace is improved, can achieve significant economic benefits.
Physical and Chemical Indicators:



Chemical Component %





Volume after Burningg/cm3


Line change after Burning%1500,3h


Compression Strength MPa>


Refractoriness (℃)>


1, large density, uniform surface and the inner layer of tissue, low porosity, high strength, high temperature wear resistance.
2, good performance to bear shock thermal & cool. The part, near to the steel spout and side opening door of ending area, although frequent temperature changes due to open the furnace door, so far, there is no any cracking phenomenon for all steel tapping spout brick.
3, good slag resistant. No bonding for steel tapping spout brick and scale, some with billet furnace slag out, partial slag was brought out along with billet, these can reduce the number of slag removing during production processes, also labor intensity.
4, the turn-over for parts of the product can still be used when furnace repair, it can reduce maintenance costs.
5, there is no pouring riser for this kind of steel tapping spout brick, accurate dimensions and flat furnace for steel tapping spout after lining, and it can be carried out according to need while construction process.
6, such steel tapping spout chrome corundum brick is much lower than steel tapping spout brick made by high-alloy heat-resistant material and fused zircon corundum brick in price, it’s a positive factor to reduce the cost of production.

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