Refractory Bricks
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  • Sep
    what is corundum stone
    Posted at 2022/9/2 in Industry News

    Corundum is a gem formed from the crystallization of aluminum oxide (Al2O3). Corundum doped with metallic chromium is bright red in color and is generally called ruby; while b...

  • Aug
    types of Lightweight insulating fire brick
    Posted at 2022/8/25 in Industry News

    Lightweight insulating bricks refer to shaped refractory bricks with a porous structure inside, with low bulk density, high porosity, and excellent thermal insulation and high...

  • Aug
    Application of high alumina brick
    Posted at 2022/8/24 in Industry News

    High alumina bricks are mainly divided into ordinary high alumina bricks and modified high alumina bricks. Ordinary high alumina brick ...

  • Aug
    Boiler refractory bricks
    Posted at 2022/8/2 in Industry News

    When the circulating fluidized bed boiler is put into operation, the serious wear of the boiler refractory bricks and boiler refractory castables affects the long-term service...

  • Jun
    High temperature refractory bricks for cement kiln
    Posted at 2022/6/28 in Industry News

    High temperaturerefractory bricks for cement kiln

    1. Mechanical damage

    It is subjected to the comprehensive mechanical stress of compression, te...

  • Feb
    Fire proofing brick technical data and usage
    Posted at 2022/2/25 in Industry News

    Fire proofing brick technical data and usage

    Fire proofing brick, usually called heat-insulating refractory bricks, are also called heat-insulating high-alumina br...

  • Mullite insulation brick is a high-alumina refractory material with mullite (3Al2O3·2SiO2) as the main crystal phase. Generally, the alumina content is between 65% and 75%. I...

  • Feb
    castable refractory for boiler
    Posted at 2022/2/21 in Industry News

    Castable is an indispensable refractory material in the modern thermal industry. The choice of castable refractory will have a great impact on the quality of the boiler. So wh...

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