Refractory Bricks
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  • Feb
    Fire proofing brick technical data and usage
    Posted at 2022/2/25 in Industry News

    Fire proofing brick technical data and usage

    Fire proofing brick, usually called heat-insulating refractory bricks, are also called heat-insulating high-alumina br...

  • Mullite insulation brick is a high-alumina refractory material with mullite (3Al2O3·2SiO2) as the main crystal phase. Generally, the alumina content is between 65% and 75%. I...

  • Feb
    castable refractory for boiler
    Posted at 2022/2/21 in Industry News

    Castable is an indispensable refractory material in the modern thermal industry. The choice of castable refractory will have a great impact on the quality of the boiler. So wh...

  • Feb
    Advantages and applications of low cement castables
    Posted at 2022/2/17 in Industry News

    Low cement castables have lower cement content than ordinary refractory castables. The castable is made of refractory aggregate and powder as raw materials and then mixed with bind...

  • Jan
    Magnesia Aluminum Spinel Brick
    Posted at 2022/1/8 in Industry News

    The magnesia-aluminum spinel in the magnesia-aluminum spinel brick is a general term for minerals with the same crystalline structure as the mineral name. Generally, spinel re...

  • Jan
    What are the advantages of bubble alumina brick?
    Posted at 2022/1/6 in Industry News

    Alumina hollow ball and its products are a kind of light refractory material with excellent high temperature resistance and energy saving, and it is very stable to use in various a...

  • Jan

    Corundum and mullite burner bricks

    Corundum and mullite burner bricks are shaped refractory products with corundum and mullite as the main raw materials, and the m...

  • Nov
    Refractory checker bricks for hot blast stove
    Posted at 2021/11/19 in Industry News

    Refractory checker bricks are...

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