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Magnesia Aluminum Spinel Brick

Jan 08,2022

The magnesia-aluminum spinel in the magnesia-aluminum spinel brick is a general term for minerals with the same crystalline structure as the mineral name. Generally, spinel refers to MgAl2O4 or MgO·Al2O3 of common structure, that is, magnesia-aluminum spinel (MA). Magnesium-aluminum spinel (MA) is made of high-purity materials and has good corrosion resistance and thermal shock stability. Good, it has a few numbers of peeling resistance. Magnesium aluminum spinel is a more advanced refractory material. Today we will focus on magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks.

Magnesia Aluminum Spinel Brick

Magnesia alumina spinel brick is a magnesia brick with magnesia alumina spinel as the main mineral produced by adding alumina to the ingredients in order to improve the thermal stability of magnesia bricks. Magnesia alumina spinel bricks are made of low-calcium magnesia and industrial alumina powder as the main raw materials, which are formed by high-pressure forming and high-temperature firing. It has good resistance to rapid cold and heat, and has good corrosion resistance to iron oxides, alkaline slag and other fluxes.

Magnesia Aluminum Spinel Brick advantage:

The advantages of magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks are:

1. Good thermal shock, it will react with the clinker during use, and then form a very thin protective layer of calcium aluminate on the surface of the brick. Make the liquid not easy to penetrate.

2. Its anti-stripping performance is better than directly combining magnesia chrome bricks. The service life of the cooling zone and transition zone of the kiln can be doubled as compared with the direct combination of magnesia-chrome bricks. However, it is slightly inferior to directly bonded magnesia-chrome bricks in terms of corrosion resistance.

3. Sintered spinel bricks are easy to hydrate and have a large thermal conductivity. The temperature of the kiln shell is higher than when directly combined with magnesia-chrome bricks. Pay attention to these issues when using it.

Magnesia Aluminum Spinel Brick properites:

The physical and chemical properties of magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks are specifically manifested as low thermal expansion, good thermal shock stability, stable chemical properties, and strong resistance to alkaline slag. (The following table is the physical and chemical indicators of magnesium aluminum spinel)

Magnesia Aluminum Spinel Brick Usage:

Magnesium-aluminum spinel bricks are widely used in cement rotary kilns, and are also used to make ladle castables, which greatly improve the corrosion resistance of steel plate linings, making them widely used in refractories for steelmaking. The pre-synthetic spinel is selected as an amorphous and shaped high-purity refractory.
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