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castable refractory for boiler

Feb 21,2022

Castable is an indispensable refractory material in the modern thermal industry. The choice of castable refractory will have a great impact on the quality of the boiler. So what kinds of boiler castables are there?

castable refractory for boiler

The first type of castable refractory for boiler

The first type of refractory castable: the main performance is fire resistance, wear resistance and thermal shock resistance are slightly worse, such as high-aluminum refractory castable, the price of high-alumina refractory castable is proportional to its aluminum content, If the aluminum content is high, the price will be higher, but generally speaking, high-alumina refractory castables are generally around 2,000 yuan per ton.

Wear-resistant castables refractory 

The second is wear-resistant castables, which are mainly used in high-wear areas such as the dense area of the furnace, such as corundum refractory castables. The price of corundum refractory castables is generally within 4500-6000 per ton. For the types introduced today, the price of corundum refractory castables is also high, but the overall performance of corundum refractory castables is higher than other refractory castables, with high refractoriness and high corundum refractory castables. The strength makes the wear resistance of the castable also excellent;

The thermal insulation refractory castable

The third type is thermal insulation refractory castable. The refractoriness of this castable itself is not very high, but it has better thermal insulation and thermal insulation properties than other refractory castables, such as perlite refractory castable, lightweight The price of thermal insulation castables is moderate compared to the other two. The price of lightweight refractory castables is generally between 2000-4000.

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