Refractory Bricks
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  • Jan
    The Inner Side of the Hot Blast Furnace
    Posted at 2019/1/25 in Industry News

    The Inner Side of the Hot Blast Furnace

    1 Overview
    According to the textbook, the blast furnace column is divided into a block zone, a soft melt zone, a dr...

  • Dec
    The Refractories for Ferrosilicon hot Furnace
    Posted at 2018/12/27 in Industry News

    The industry of ferroalloys knows that the melting temperature of ferrosilicon is very high, and the slag, high-temperature solution and refractory material interact with each o...

  • Dec
    Refractoriness for ZINC smelting furnace
    Posted at 2018/12/10 in Industry News

    In the smelting process of zinc, the lining material should be in contact with molten metal, slag and furnace gas. This requires refractory materials and masonry to have good sl...

  • Dec

    The furnace body consists of refractory masonry, steel structure and foundation raft.
    The hearth and foundation are supported by the base helium to form the top structure.

  • High alumina refractory brick is a refractory product with an AL2O3 content of 48% or more in an aluminum silicate refractory. According to the composition of the main minerals ...

  • Nov

    High alumina castable production process: material selection - ingredients - mixing - packaging - storage

    1. According to the formula, the raw materials of high alumina...

  • Nov

    The masonry quality of the float glass furnace directly affects the service life and production operation of the furnace. In recent years, the life of float glass furnaces has b...

  • Nov
    Refractory materials for Lime Kiln
    Posted at 2018/11/23 in Industry News

    At present, there is a great controversy about the choice of refractory materials for white ash kiln. It is said that high-yield soft bricks are used, and there are high-aluminu...

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