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Performance and application of sintered corundum brick

Feb 10,2022
Sintered corundum bricks have stable performance at high temperatures and a high melting point. The compressive strength of corundum bricks at room temperature can reach 340MPa. The load softening start temperature is greater than 1700°C. It has strong resistance to acidic or alkaline slag, metal and molten glass.
sintered corundum brick
Sintered corundum bricks are fired at high temperature in a shuttle kiln. It has the characteristics of high refractoriness, good thermal shock stability, high temperature strength, strong slag resistance, small expansion coefficient, low creep, and peeling resistance. The thermal shock stability of corundum bricks is related to its structure and has good corrosion resistance. , But the thermal shock stability is poor. The bulk density is greater than 3.60g/cm3, and the porosity is less than 3%.

Sintered corundum bricks are high-grade refractory materials

Sintered corundum bricks are high-grade refractory materials and are suitable for use in high-temperature kilns under various atmosphere conditions; high-quality and high-purity corundum bricks are widely used in high-temperature sintering and petrochemicals of zirconia ceramics, fluorescent materials, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, and ceramic powders Industrial gasification furnaces, synthetic ammonia secondary conversion furnaces, carbon black reaction furnaces and high-temperature furnaces in the glass industry. The product's dimensions, physical and chemical indicators, and service life have all reached the needs of high-temperature furnaces.

The production process of sintered corundum bricks

The production process of sintered corundum bricks is to crush the sintered corundum to 3mm coarse particles and some smaller than 0.074mm high and fine powder, and some add a small amount of clay and other binders for mixing, and use high-pressure friction brick press or hydraulic press to shape the bricks. After being dried, it is put into high temperature and fired. Generally, sintered corundum bricks with higher purity have a firing temperature of 1750-1800°C.

Sintered corundum bricks are mainly used in metallurgical industry blast furnaces, out-of-furnace refining furnaces, iron-making blast furnaces and blast furnace hot blast furnaces, steel-making furnaces out-of-furnace refining furnaces, sliding water heaters, glass melting furnaces, and petrochemical industrial furnaces. They are now on the market , The proportion used in glass melting furnaces is more.
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