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What is the difference between andalusite refractory mullite brick and andalusite refractory high alumina brick?

Aug 08,2022

andalusite refractory mullite bricks and andalusite refractory high-alumina bricks have their own advantages. Although the main components of mullite bricks and high-alumina bricks have alumina components, the crystal phases of the two are different.

When andalusite refractory is heated to 1300 ℃, it will become mullite, which has the characteristics of resistance to quenching and quenching, and has the advantages of strong impact resistance and high load conversion point. Mullite itself has low thermal expansion and coarse crystals during the conversion process. andalusite refractory does not need to be calcined and can be directly added to fired or unfired mullite bricks and high alumina bricks. andalusite refractory has the advantage of creep resistance. During use, impurities can cause premature softening of refractory bricks, which has a great impact on creep. Therefore, a certain proportion of andalusite refractory is added to mullite bricks or high alumina bricks. It is resistant to high temperature and rapid cold and heat.

andalusite refractory high-alumina bricks are made of andalusite refractory as the main raw material, adding bauxite, high-pressure molding, drying, and firing at 1500 °C. andalusite refractory high-alumina bricks are characterized by high temperature resistance, high softening temperature under load, low creep rate at high temperature, stable volume at high temperature without volume, small thermal expansion coefficient and low thermal conductivity during use. The refractoriness of andalusite refractory is 1830 ℃, and it is resistant to chemical corrosion. Adding andalusite refractory to high-alumina refractory bricks can make high-alumina bricks have wear resistance, higher softening temperature under load, and better resistance to rapid cooling and rapid heating. It can densify the brick joints at high temperature, improve the overall compactness of the high-alumina brick masonry, and thus improve the resistance to slag penetration.

andalusite refractory mullite brick is a kind of refractory brick made of andalusite refractory and mullite in different proportions. This brick has good oxidation resistance, strong fire resistance, high compressive strength, low specific gravity and peeling resistance. Good, high temperature flexural strength, long service life advantages.

In a word, andalusite refractory mullite and andalusite refractory high-alumina bricks have similarities and big differences. andalusite refractory mullite brick has good flexibility and stronger peeling resistance.

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