Refractory Bricks
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  • May

    Argon blowing is usually to build one or several Porous Plug bricks at the bottom of the pouring ladle or brick ladle. After tapping, blow argon gas through the Porous Plug bric...

  • May
    Features of High-Aluminum Castable
    Posted at 2021/5/24 in Product Knowledge

    High-aluminum castable refers to a refractory castable with an Al₂O₃ content greater than 48%. It has the characteristics of high cold and hot strength, good wear resistance, ...

  • May
    Classification of refractory castables
    Posted at 2021/5/21 in Industry News

    Refractory castables are usually classified according to the size of the porosity, the selected bonding agent or bonding method, the type of aggregate and the construction metho...

  • May
    Measures to improve the service life of ladle
    Posted at 2021/5/18 in Product Knowledge

    1 Improve smelting conditions

    1) By insulating the ladle, the heat loss of molten steel is reduced, thereby reducing the refining temperature and time, and prolonging...

  • May
    Factors affecting the service life of ladle
    Posted at 2021/5/11 in Product Knowledge

    Factors affecting the service life of ladle

    1) Smelting conditions. The longer the holding time of the ladle, the higher the refining temperature, the greater the amount o...

  • Due to the harsh operating conditions of cement kilns, the lining bricks tend to shorten their lifespan. The magnesium spinel brick shows good durability under harsh conditions,...

  • Mar

    Thermal stress damage. When the iron is tapped, the center of the iron hole is drilled by a drill bit, and hot molten iron and molten slag flow out from the iron hole, making th...

  • Mar
    Classification of blast furnace taphole clay
    Posted at 2021/3/4 in NEWS & EVENT

    Taphole Clay is an amorphous functional refractory material, used in the process of plugging the taphole of the ironmaking blast furnace. The composition of taphole clay can be ...

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