Refractory Bricks
acid-proof antiseptic bricks

acid-proof antiseptic bricks

High temperature resistant
Thermal shock resistant
High-resistance to liquid & gas acids

 Acid Resistance Brick Description

Acid Resistance Brick for Chimney  which is developed for the inner anti-corrosion of chimney , with good acid-resitance , high-temperature resistance and good anti-erosion characters. Mainly used for inner chimney in the electic power and metallurgy industry.Standard and custom shaped refractory bricks for use in corrosive environments, resistant to liquid and gas acids.

It is a kind of acid-proof product that takes many mine products with inorganic and nonmetal as raw material, makes of crashing, grinding , classification of the integrated grain separately, And then via molding and shaping by pressing , high temperature burning.Which possesses Good acid resistance ,Low apparent porosity ,Compact texture, well-controlled dimensions.

It is used as working lining for anti erosion and acid proof pickling groove,acid storage tank,leaching tower,anti-erosion and acid proof floor,tubes and etc, Except hydrofluoric acid as the medium in chemical, petroleum, metallurgic, smelt, electric power, fertilizer, fiber, pharmacy, and alkaline system industries.

  Bulk Density

(g/cm3) 2.21-2.24
Pore Ratio (%) 9.3-10.5
Water Absorption Ration (%) 4.2-4.7
Modulus of Elasticity (mpa) 2138
Compressive Strength (mpa) 123
Acid Resistance Degree (%) 99.


  Item Permitted results
N-1 N-2 N-3 N-4
Water absorbability (A) % 0.2≤A<0.5 0.5≤A<2.0 2.0≤A<4.0 4.0≤A<5.0
Bending strength MPa ≥58.8 ≥39.2 ≥29.4 ≥19.6
Acid-resistance % ≥99.8 ≥99.8 ≥99.8 ≥99.7
Thermal shock resistance 100C 100C 130C 150C
After one test, no crack or scale are allowed
Chemical composition
Al2O3 ≥21
SiO2 ≥67
Fe2O3 ≤1.3

Acid proof brick Size
300X300X30/or 20/or 15,
230X113X80/or 65/or 50/or 40/or 30/or 25/or 20,
200X200X20/or 15, 150X150X30/or 20/or 15, 150X75X30/or 20/or 15,
230X113X65X55/45/35, 230X113X55X45, etc.

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