Refractory Bricks
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  • Jul
    Selection principle of refractory for glass furnace
    Posted at 2018/7/21 in Product Knowledge

    Refractory is the material basis of the glass furnace, which has a great impact on the overall efficiency of the furnace, and must be reasonably selected. The working conditions...

  • The basic composition of ordinary refractory ramming material is similar to that of refractory castables and plastics. The difference is that there are more refractory powders a...

  • Jul
    The Standard for refractory bricks
    Posted at 2018/7/10 in Industry News

    Abstract: Refractory bricks are inorganic non-metallic products with a refractoriness of not less than 1750 °C. They are suitable for use in a variety of high-temperature kiln ...

  • Jul

    The heat loss from the surface of the cement kiln system includes preheaters, rotary kiln and chillers. Among them, the heat loss of rotary kiln accounts for more than 50% of th...

  • Jul
    lattice refractory materials for glass kiln
    Posted at 2018/7/5 in Product Knowledge

    The glass kiln lattice body is at a high temperature load, the dust is large, and the alkali vapor is used, and the degree of erosion is serious, and the selection of the refrac...

  • Jul
    Power industry used insulation products
    Posted at 2018/7/2 in Industry News

    Insulation is an important part of power plant construction, especially thermal power plants such as thermal power plants. Therefore, the commonly used refractories in power pla...

  • Jun
    The performance of Ladle breathable brick
    Posted at 2018/6/30 in Product Knowledge

    First, slag resistance

    In order to improve the material's anti-slag performance and anti-steel penetration ability, corundum spinel bricks are usually added Cr2O3 o...

  • Jun
    What is the effect of refractory aggregates on castables?
    Posted at 2018/6/29 in Product Knowledge

    Refractory aggregate is the main material in the structure of refractory castables. The dosage is about 70~. Its skeleton function also affects its physical mechanics and high t...

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