Refractory Bricks
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  • Oct
    What are the classifications of sizing tundish nozzle?
    Posted at 2018/10/18 in Product Knowledge

    The sizing nozzle is a functional refractory material for controlling the flow rate of molten steel by continuous casting of less than 120 mm. Since the size of the billet is to...

  • Oct
    Low cement castable for waste incinerator
    Posted at 2018/10/17 in Industry News

    At present, the lining of waste incinerators has gradually evolved from traditional refractory bricks to refractory castables and sprayable plastics. The refractory castables us...

  • Oct
    5 Import indicators about the Refractory Insulation Material
    Posted at 2018/10/11 in Product Knowledge

    In order to create a suitable indoor thermal environment and save energy, the application of thermal insulation materials has received more and more attention. Insulation materi...

  • The circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler technology is a relatively mature Yanhao combustion technology. The CFB boiler has excellent fuel adaptability and can burn almost any...

  • The traditional thermal insulation materials for ladle are gradually replaced by new environmentally-friendly thermal insulation materials due to easy pollution.
    1. Selectio...

  • Sep

    The synthesis method of mullite can be divided into a sintering method and an electrofusion method. The sintering method is divided into a dry method and a wet method according ...

  • Sep
    Tips of Acid-recesistan castable construct
    Posted at 2018/9/3 in Product Knowledge

    Acid-resistant refractory castables are commonly used in areas that require acid and corrosion resistance, such as anti-corrosion flue, chimney lining, acid storage tanks, pickl...

  • Aug
    Acid-resistant refractory castables
    Posted at 2018/8/30 in NEWS & EVENT

    Acid-resistant refractory castables are used in more and more anti-corrosion projects, and kiln and chimney linings are commonly used as acid-resistant castables as a solution. ...

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