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Refractory castables and refractory cement are common refractory materials, they are widely used, high refractoriness, then what is the difference between the two We can refer t...

  • Construction structure diagram of inner lining of furnace cover for mining hot furnace. The inner lining of furnace cover adopts precast block hoisting masonry mode, the working...

  • Nov
    anti - skinning refractory castable for cement kiln
    Posted at 2018/11/22 in Product Knowledge

    After the crust is formed, it will continuously absorb SO3 from the gas stream to form a series of characteristic minerals, and the crust will become more and more processed. Th...

  • Nov

    The cement kiln has high working temperature, large heat load, easy change of raw material composition, and harmful gas in the evaporation place, so the selection of refractory ...

  • Oct
    The tips for insulation refractoriness during contruction
    Posted at 2018/10/30 in Product Knowledge

    The design, use and construction of insulation, unshaped refractories have a greater impact on their service life than bricks. Only reasonable design, scientific use and careful...

  • Oct
    What are the classifications of sizing tundish nozzle?
    Posted at 2018/10/18 in Product Knowledge

    The sizing nozzle is a functional refractory material for controlling the flow rate of molten steel by continuous casting of less than 120 mm. Since the size of the billet is to...

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