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The main usage of corundum refractory castable

Dec 14,2017
Corundum refractory castable corundum as aggregate and powder plus some binder prepared refractory castable. Has a higher mechanical strength and anti-abrasion properties than high-alumina refractory castables and mullite refractory castables, but somewhat less thermal shock resistance. Mainly used as boilers, blast furnace stove, furnace, ceramic kiln and other furnace lining materials.

The corundum refractory castables produced by our company are compounded with a variety of ultra-fine points and high-efficiency additives. The main features of high strength, good volume stability, excellent corrosion resistance, free from H2, CO and other reducing gases and other characteristics. Quality products using Al2O3 content greater than 90% to corundum crystal-based refractory products and with the right amount of dispersants, coagulants, stainless steel fibers, according to strict formula composite made. Among them, the chemical components are Al2O3 and SiO2, among which GJ-180, GJ-18S, GJ-180F and KT-185 also contain a small amount of Fe2O3.

Corundum refractory castables have good thermal shock resistance, anti-spalling, abrasion resistance, acid-resistant media erosion. Corundum refractory castables range of uses: Suitable for refinery catalytic equipment, cyclones, inclined pipe device in the high wear resistance, erosion and tortoise shells ramming layer, processing equipment such as ammonia section, the second stage converter lining pouring.

Corundum Castable Usage: Mainly used in circulating fluidized bed boiler combustion chamber, separators and flue and other parts of the erosion erosion. The rheological behavior of the matrix is Bingham fluid characteristics; the proportion of fine powder, cement, magnesia, flake graphite and Sialon both affect the rheological properties of the matrix. The most important factor to improve the rheological properties of the matrix is SiO2 micro-silica fume, Shear stress and yield stress decreased, mainly due to the small specific gravity of SiO2, spherical particles and high surface activity, can be well filled in the pores of the particles due to water replacement; a alumina powder on the matrix Rheology slightly improved; addition of magnesia and Sialon was detrimental to matrix rheology; flaky graphite significantly degraded the matrix rheology. Corundum castable in the cement content of 2%, change A12O3 micronized / SiO2 micron ratio, with the proportion of SiO2 micropowder increased, the specimen thermal shock resistance gradually increased. When the content of β-Sialon is in the range of 0 to 10%, the thermal shock resistance of the sample is improved (the flexural strength retention rate is from 18% to 40% after being cooled once at 1100 ° C), and when the content of β-Sialon is 4% The residual strength and strength retention of the samples reach the maximum value, thanks to the appropriate amount of β-Sialon dispersion filling reinforcement in the corundum framework structure.
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