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The general requirements for refractory materials for electric arc furnaces are:

(1) The refractoriness should be high. The arc temperature exceeds 4000°C, and the steelm...

  • Nov
    Refractory checker bricks for hot blast stove
    Posted at 2021/11/19 in Industry News

    Refractory checker bricks are...

  • Nov

    Steel fiber castable is made of special grade bauxite clinker as aggregate, high-quality bauxite clinker and fine corundum powder as matrix, superfine powder and other composite...

  • Nov
    The different uses of different refractory castables?
    Posted at 2021/11/13 in Industry News

    First of all, there are many types of refractory castables, and the purpose of each refractory castable is also different. Such as corundum wear-resistant and refractory castabl...

  • May
    Classification of refractory castables
    Posted at 2021/5/21 in Industry News

    Refractory castables are usually classified according to the size of the porosity, the selected bonding agent or bonding method, the type of aggregate and the construction metho...

  • Due to the harsh operating conditions of cement kilns, the lining bricks tend to shorten their lifespan. The magnesium spinel brick shows good durability under harsh conditions,...

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