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High aluminum steel fiber reinforced refractory castable

Nov 21,2018

High aluminum steel fiber reinforced refractory castable is on the basis of high aluminum, high strength refractory castable, add heat resistant stainless steel fiber, the castable internal network skeleton structure formation, change the internal stress distribution of the material at the same time, in ensuring the castable, on the basis of original high temperature performance, enhances the casting body impact toughness, mechanical vibration resistance and wear resistance, improve the service life of the castable. It is mainly used in the mouth of cement kiln, the crown of kiln, the three air pipes, grate cooler and so on.

Details of High aluminum steel fiber reinforced refractory castable casting:

(1) The construction site requires cleaning, and no other debris such as sediment, stone, Portland cement, etc. should be mixed into the castable, and all tools and equipment that are in contact with the castable must not be adhered to the above materials.
(2) At the time of construction, a forced mixer should be used for the mixing. When mixing, dry and mix well, then add water. The water used for construction must be drinking water. The pH should be controlled between 7 and 7.5, and evenly added into the castable at a ratio of 5.5% to 6.5%. After adding water for 2 to 3 minutes, it should be stirred evenly. There should be no entrainment and agglomeration of dry materials. The mixed materials should be used up within 30 minutes. The consolidated blocks can not be mixed with water.
(3) After mixing, the material should be evenly spread out. The vibrating rod should be inserted straight, fast inserted and pulled slowly. Insert the depth to the next layer of lining 100 mm to ensure the connection of the upper and lower linings. The spacing between the rods is 150 mm. 200 mm, each time the vibrating time is suitable for the surface of the material, generally 20 ~ 40s.
(4) Adjust the construction temperature according to the construction season. In summer construction, the mixing water temperature is not higher than 20; in winter construction, when the ambient temperature is lower than 5, 40~60 warm water should be used for stirring. After construction, take appropriate insulation measures.
(5) Pay attention to the expansion joint of the castable. High-heat high-alumina refractory castables are used as castable expansion joints with 3 mm linoleum paper or woodworking plywood every 1 m; the place where the refractory bricks are in contact is separated by 3 mm linoleum paper for expansion joints. The die is controlled from 7 o'clock and the stencil height is controlled at 600 mm.

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