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High alumina castable production process and use precautions

Nov 28,2018

High alumina castable production process: material selection - ingredients - mixing - packaging - storage

1. According to the formula, the raw materials of high alumina castables are produced.

2. Calculate the aggregate, powder gradation and binder, and the amount of additives according to the raw material formula, and strictly control the aggregate powder particles.

3. The weighed aggregates and powders are successively packed into tons of bags, equipped with additives and binders, and then packaged.

4. The packaged high-aluminum castables are stored in the warehouse, and the date identification and moisture-proof waterproof treatment are done.

High aluminum castable use precautions

1. When making high-alumina castable mud, fully stir the dry material and add water. Strictly control the amount of water used to avoid affecting the use after pouring.

2, according to the required amount of production, the production of castables need to be used within 30 minutes, if condensation occurs, can not be used.

3. When making high-alumina mud, it needs to be stirred by a mixer, and manual mixing is prohibited.

4. Determine the casting thickness according to the design, and do not cast it at will.

5. When constructing, pay attention to avoid the anchor parts.

6. After pouring and baking, pay attention to the heating rate and time, and not heat up too quickly.

7. After demoulding, check the casting body. If there is any construction problem, rework according to the situation to ensure the use of the casting body.

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