Refractory Bricks

When does the glass furnace need to be cold repaired?

Mar 20,2019

The furnace is the core equipment of the glass factory. It is usually repaired once in a few years. The reasons for cold repair are as follows.

A. The refractory material in contact with the glass liquid is seriously damaged, there is a risk of material leakage, and it is difficult to perform local heat repair.

B. The upper structure refractory material is damaged, the fire leak is serious, the glass cannot be melted normally, and various heat repair measures are invalid.

C. The regenerator is clogged so much that the fuel consumption is increased, the ability to melt the glass is lowered, and the cost is significantly increased, and the replacement of the checker brick is economically uneconomical.

Of course, there are various special circumstances that cause the kiln to be shut down for cold repair. If it is not designed properly, it can't be produced normally; the wrong choice of refractory material causes a lot of stones and streaks; due to various reasons, the tank kiln is seriously leaking.

The simplest cold repair only replaces the fluid hole, the pool wall brick and the regenerator grid brick. Medium-scale cold repairs will also rebuild the bottom of the pool, the small furnace and the big raft. Large-scale cold repairs must be completely repaired except for the foundation and the flue. Generally, cold repairs are not simply repaired as they are, but must be combined with technological transformation.

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