Refractory Bricks

The principles that anchor bricks should follow in thermal equipment

Jul 04,2019

The arrangement and masonry of anchor bricks should follow the following principles:
1. The arrangement of anchor bricks should be determined according to the range and frequency of temperature changes and the size of the straight wall area, and should not be less than 6 pieces/m2.
2. The anchoring bricks must be carefully inspected before masonry. If the anchoring bricks cannot be used at the anchoring holes if they have cracks affecting the overall strength of the anchoring bricks, they should be resolutely discarded.
3. When laying the bricks close to the anchor bricks, the pre-laying bricks should be taken care of to determine the exact position of the anchor bricks. The welding parts of the metal shells are thoroughly cleaned with a wire brush, and the welding rods are suitable for the welding parts. Good anchoring tube.
4. After anchoring the brickwork, insert the anchoring hook and fill the air with the refractory fiber mat and plug it tightly to form a certain protection for the anchor.
5. The thickness of the anchoring pipe has certain requirements. When the pipe wall is too thin, it will cause early damage due to unavoidable slow burning. The heat-resistant steel material of the anchor hook should be determined according to the temperature of the mine at the location.

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