Refractory Bricks

Construction, curing and baking of refractory ramming materials for cement kiln

Jul 24,2019

Before construction, it is necessary to carefully check whether the construction equipment such as the mold meets the requirements for use, and whether the equipment for rust removal, tortoise shell mesh, and anchoring nails is qualified for welding. Everything is ready before you can refer to the following construction methods for construction.
It should be mixed with a forced mixer. The mixer should be cleaned beforehand and rinsed with water. It should not be mixed with lime, silt, Portland cement and other debris.
According to the size of the mixer and the construction conditions, the amount of mixing should not exceed 100kg.
Pour the components of the ramming into the mixer, dry mix for 3 min, then add the reference amount of liquid binder, the wet mixing time should not be less than 5 min, until the mixing material reaches the level of construction.
The stirred ramming material must be used within 15 minutes.
The wet material that has been initially condensed must be discarded and must not be re-used with a liquid binder.
The construction environment temperature should be between 10 and 30. When the material temperature and the construction site ambient temperature are too low or too high, appropriate measures should be taken.
2. Smear or beaten
Use a wooden mallet or rubber mallet to knock the compaction during construction. When smearing or beating, the thickness of the lining should be checked at any time, and the thickness should be uniform and the surface should be flat. Finally, use a spatula to wipe out the glossy surface. It is strictly forbidden to brush water, cement slurry or dry cement.
For the lining construction with the structure of the tortoise shell net, the area of the lining of the tortoise shell net should not be too large each time. The lining should be filled one by one at a time, so that the lining surface is flush with the tortoise shell net. When the construction is interrupted, the residual material in the tortoise shell network of the unconstructed part should be cleaned up.
The expansion joint is set according to the construction requirements, and the expansion joint is filled with refractory fibers.
3. Maintenance
After the completion of the construction, it is naturally maintained for 3 days at room temperature, and it is strictly forbidden to drench.
The curing environment temperature should be as much as 20 or more. When the ambient temperature is lower than 20, the curing time should be extended according to the hardening condition or other corresponding measures should be taken.
4. Baking
Bake in accordance with the relevant heating curve to avoid rapid heating, otherwise it will cause internal damage or burst.
When the curing temperature is too low, the low temperature baking time should be extended and the heating rate should be slowed down.
Proper ventilation must be maintained during baking to facilitate moisture removal.
In the process of oven, if there is cooling, it is not possible to speed up and catch up.

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