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What are the factors that cause the decline of refractory castable performance?

Nov 06,2020

The quality of refractory castables is related to the quality of construction projects. As a castable manufacturer, sometimes we often hear complaints from customers that the construction quality of the castable does not meet expectations and the quality of the castable is not good. In fact, almost all of the reasons leading to the decline in the quality of castables are the failure to grasp the correct preservation method or construction method. So what is the reason for the decline in the quality of refractory castables?
1. Regarding the construction quality of refractory castables, there are four main points that need to be paid attention to: the planning and construction quality of anchors, the moisture content of the castable during construction, the temperature of the site during construction, the subsequent maintenance and the drying of refractory castables. grilled.
2. In the process of adding water to the mixed castable, the amount of water added is very important. For example, if the amount of water added is too large, the castable will appear thinner, and the fluidity will increase, which will affect the construction strength of the castable. However, if the amount of water added is too small, it will cause the aggregate and powder to be difficult to mix, resulting in accumulation, and then the structure will become loose and the construction quality will decrease.
3. Another important factor for the quality of castables is temperature. A short-term sudden change in temperature will quickly damage the castable, and then cause a serious decline in quality, and even fall off before use. The thermal shock stability of the castable is very weak before the completion of construction.
4. The amount of cement. Cement is an important material that determines the strength of refractory castables. Generally speaking, as the amount of cement increases, the compressive strength at room temperature increases, the high temperature strength decreases, the refractoriness and load softening temperature continue to decrease, and the line shrinks after burning The rate also increases. Some manufacturers will shoddy, causing the castable to fail to meet expectations.

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