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Furnace bottom life characteristics and improvements of continuous refining furnaces for recycled copper production

Mar 14,2024

The continuous refining furnace in the recycled copper production process is one of the core equipment, and its furnace bottom life is directly related to production efficiency and cost control. The length of the furnace bottom life is affected by many factors, such as charge composition, furnace temperature control, atmosphere control, and selection of furnace bottom materials. Usually, the length of the furnace bottom life can reflect the process level and management capabilities of a smelting plant.

1. Furnace bottom life characteristics

The life span of the furnace bottom is often related to the corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and permeability resistance of the furnace bottom material. During the continuous refining process, the furnace bottom not only has to withstand the alternating effects of high temperature and redox atmosphere, but also withstands the erosion and erosion of the charge. Therefore, the choice of furnace bottom material is crucial. At present, commonly used furnace bottom materials include refractory bricks, castables and ceramic fibers. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages and needs to be selected according to specific process conditions and requirements.

2. Factors affecting furnace bottom life

There are many factors that affect the life of the furnace bottom, such as the impurity content in the charge, furnace temperature fluctuations, atmosphere control accuracy, and the corrosion resistance of the furnace bottom material. Among them, the impurity content in the furnace charge is one of the key factors affecting the life of the furnace bottom. The presence of impurities will accelerate the erosion and damage of the furnace bottom, thereby reducing the life of the furnace bottom. Therefore, pretreatment of the furnace charge to reduce the impurity content is one of the effective measures to improve the life of the furnace bottom.

3. Improvement measures

In order to improve the bottom life of the continuous refining furnace, improvements can be made from the following aspects: First, optimize the selection and formula of the bottom material to improve the corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance of the material; second, strengthen the furnace temperature control and atmosphere Control and reduce the thermal stress and chemical erosion of the furnace bottom; the third is to improve the furnace bottom structure and increase the wear resistance and erosion resistance of the furnace bottom; the fourth is to strengthen equipment maintenance and repair, promptly discover and deal with problems at the furnace bottom, and ensure that the furnace bottom normal operation of the bottom.

In short, improving the furnace bottom life of the continuous refining furnace for recycled copper production is a systematic project that requires comprehensive consideration of multiple factors and the adoption of multiple measures. Only in this way can we ensure the long-term stable operation of the continuous refining furnace and improve production efficiency and economic benefits.

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