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Which is more wearable?Brown Fused Alumina or Silicon Carbide?

Aug 02,2017

The best brown fused alumina hardness is not higher than the hardness of silicon carbide. Good corundum alumina content can reach 96, so the hardness is very high, because of their production of different raw materials, so the hardness is also different, brown corundum Mohs hardness of 9.0, while the silicon carbide can reach 9.5, so corundum can not Compared to silicon carbide.

Brown fused alumina has the characteristics of high purity, good crystallinity, high fluidity, low linear expansion coefficient and corrosion resistance. After dozens of refractory production enterprises to verify that the product in the application process with no detonation, no powder, no cracking characteristics. Especially its much higher than the traditional price of corundum, but also make it the best corundum refractory aggregate and filler.

Brown Fused Alumina Grint size according to international standards and national standards of production, according to user requirements for processing size. The general particle size is F4 ~ F320, and its chemical composition varies according to the size of the grain. The characteristics of the corundum highlight is the small size of the crystal impact resistance, because the use of self-grinding machine processing, particles are mostly spherical particles, Huajing corundum with high purity, dense texture, bulk density, self-sharpening, toughness.

Low-carbon corundum through the furnace and the special process of re-treatment to reduce the residual corundum carbon content, so that the product is not used in the powder, no burst, toughness is abrasive abrasive industry, refractory industry's preferred raw materials. Mainly used for ceramic abrasive, high-grade abrasive, organic abrasive, belt, coated with abrasive and so on.

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