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Refractory brick for industrial bolier

Aug 10,2017
Industrial boilers are refractory brick masonry closed combustion chamber for fuel combustion, and the boiler burning flame and the heating surface and the outside world isolated. Therefore, it is required that the refractory bricks have heat resistance, heat insulation and sealing property. Most of its refractory bricks are mainly clay-type refractory bricks. The following Henan refractory plant introduced under the industrial boiler masonry structure.
1, furnace wall structure
Capacity of 35t / h below the industrial boiler furnace wall to heavy-based structure, the furnace wall directly masonry on the basis of the boiler.
The furnace wall consists of two layers, the refractory lining wall is made of T-3 standard refractory brick, and the external wall of the insulation is made of red brick. To improve the insulation performance, between the refractory brick and red brick left about 20mm insulation layer, filled with high-quality insulation materials, or in the middle of 16mm diatomaceous earth insulation refractory bricks. Red brick wall four walls require bite each other, so that the whole wall to form the whole, with a light steel frame outside the outer wall of the hoop, and some outside the wall without steel frame, the shape of ordinary brick wall.
Wall thickness of 360 ~ 730mm, the inner layer of 116 ~ 232mm refractory bricks, the outer layer of 240 ~ 480mm red brick. In the low temperature zone of the flue of the tail of the boiler, when the flue gas temperature is below 500 ℃, all the use of red brick masonry.
2, roof structure

Industrial boiler roof structure commonly used arched roof and hanging roof. Arched roof by the steel section of the arch beam, arch feet refractory bricks, wedge-shaped refractory bricks and insulation layer composition. Hanging roof by the steel hanging beam, hanging device, hanging brick and insulation layer composition.

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