Refractory Bricks

The simple classification of high temperature refractories

Aug 17,2017

Here are some simple classification of high temperature refractories

(1) Chemical composition of refractory materials: A magnesia product, B silica products, C silicate products, D carbon products, such as special refractory products This classification is based on the composition, more Consider some of the properties of refractory itself.

(2) according to the refractory classification: 1580 ~ 1770 for the ordinary refractory, 1770 ~ 2000 for the senior refractory, 2000 ~ 3000 as a special refractory refractory refractory is only a single performance at high temperatures, which is a classification method.

(3) by shape and size classification: divided into standard brick, shaped bricks and specific bricks;

(4) according to the burning method classification: can be divided into non-burning brick, firing brick, cast brick and refractory concrete.
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