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Factors affecting the service life of ladle

May 11,2021

Factors affecting the service life of ladle

1) Smelting conditions. The longer the holding time of the ladle, the higher the refining temperature, the greater the amount of slag, the lower the slag basicity, the stronger the slag oxidation, and the faster the ladle lining material will corrode.

2) Ladle baking quality. Before the ladle is put into use, it is necessary to bake the ladle, and the ladle refractory material is sintered sufficiently to prevent the refractory material from falling off due to excessive heating after the new ladle is filled with molten steel. In the process of ladle turnover, it should be avoided that the ladle turnover is slow, the temperature drop is large, and the temperature of the refractory material is overheated or cold, which affects the life of the ladle.

3) Ladle lining. The lining material of the ladle is in direct contact with molten steel, and its material is compatible with the smelting conditions, which can greatly reduce the corrosion of molten steel and steel slag on refractory materials. In addition, improving the performance indicators of refractory materials can reduce the erosion and penetration of molten steel and steel slag into refractory materials, and improve the service life of refractory materials. The use of lining oxidizing paint can greatly avoid the oxidation of the ladle during the baking process, thereby increasing the service life of the ladle.

4) Masonry method and masonry quality. ①The masonry of the ladle must reduce the defects such as triangle joints and misalignments to reduce the serious erosion of the local refractory materials by the molten steel or steel slag, which affects the overall life of the ladle. ②Ensure that the caulking material at the back seam of the ladle brick is tamped to avoid accidents such as brick extraction and steel seepage caused by the movement of the caulking material during the process of turning the ladle. ③The mouth of the package must be compacted with steel plates to avoid bricks from swelling and jacking up during use and turning the package, causing bricks to fall off. ④ The external dimensions of the ladle bricks are the guarantee of the quality of the ladle masonry, and must be inspected in strict accordance with the quality standards.

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