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What is the difference between burner bricks sintered at high temperature and prefabricated ones?

Apr 11,2024

01. Frontier Overview

Because burner bricks are small in quantity and difficult to shape, many manufacturers use prefabricated methods to produce them, and some use high-temperature sintering methods. However, due to the existence of molds in high-pressure molding, they are often pressed separately and then combined.

02. There is a big difference between burner brick sintering and prefabricated molding

There is a big difference in the molding between burner brick sintering and prefabrication. Prefabrication can be directly formed according to the drawings, that is, it can directly vibrate into the entire burner brick without disassembly and can be directly placed at the use site. For sintering molding, the mold needs to be made in pieces and then molded under high pressure using a press. After firing, it must be pre-built and run-in before it can be placed on the intended use site.

03. Difference in time

There is also a difference in time during the sintering process between burner brick sintering and prefabrication. The sintered bricks can be directly sintered in the tunnel kiln after being formed, while the prefabricated bricks are made of high alumina cement combined with vibration and require a drainage process. If baked If so, there is a process of discharging free water and crystallized water. The production cycle will be longer than that of sintered burner bricks.

04. Differences in usage effects

There are also differences in the use effects between sintered and prefabricated burner bricks. In comparison, the service life of sintered burner bricks is relatively long. The reason is that after sintering at high temperatures, the strength and thermal shock indicators are better than those of prefabricated bricks. Therefore, the use period will be long. Although the prefabricated bricks directly vibrate into the shape of the entire burner brick, they have not undergone high sintering, and there will be drainage shrinkage at high temperatures. The relative service life is not as good as that of sintered burner bricks.

However, sintered burner bricks are inconvenient to mold, while prefabricated bricks are easy to mold, and sintered burner brick molds are expensive because steel molds are used. Although wooden molds can be used for prefabricated bricks, high alumina cement, alumina powder and explosion-proof fiber are added to the material, and the cost is no less than that of sintered bricks.


If production conditions permit, it is better to use the sintering method to produce burner bricks. Because the products after high-temperature sintering have higher indicators than prefabricated bricks, the perimeter used is relatively longer.

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