Refractory Bricks
Phosphate refractory castable

Phosphate refractory castable

Phosphate refractory castable is a high bauxite, mullite as the main raw material to phosphate as a binder, dubbed the high temperature, wear resistance of the thermal resistance

Fire pouring material. According to the use of temperature and material is divided into P-80, P-70, P-65 and other grades. Compared with other refractory castables, there is a significant feature in the low

Temperature performance is good, high strength, strong impact resistance, good thermal shock resistance, good resistance to slag erosion, and can be transferred into quick and fast fill the refractory castable to

To meet the user's rapid maintenance requirements. Products are widely used in aluminum melting furnace, aluminum insulation furnace, heating furnace, annealing furnace, hot air furnace, boiler, phosphate furnace, rotary

Kiln discharge mouth and other industrial furnace lining, repair kiln to share.

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