Refractory Bricks
Precast refractory

Precast refractory


Refractory precasted parts new refractory products developed on the advantages of bricks and non-shaped materials.Guanghua precasted parts at casted with special high quality materials on different shape, size and performance requirements and baked at a high temperature.Products are characterized as accurate dimension, high performance , easy installation and long service time.
All kinds refractory precasted parts with different requirements can be produced by Guanghua,which are applied to wide range of industrial furnaces and thermal equipments, such as: roof and bottom for heating furnace, burner, kiln car, tapping spout, impact plat, slag-damming wall, porous plug, electric furnace cover etc, in steel industry. Also parts for heating furnace, mould brick, burner brick, furnace door and anti-explore gate in petrochemical industry and other thermal products used on rotary kiln,baking furnace and heating treating furnace etc.
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