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What aspects are included in the preparation work before cold repair of glass melting furnace?

Apr 22,2024

A new glass production line requires equipment installation, but for a glass factory it mainly refers to the construction of brick structures and the installation of steel structures. Glass melting furnaces are high-temperature equipment. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the furnace structure and the quality of glass production, the kiln must be ignited and baked after the brick structure is completed. Only after the kiln is completed, feeding and production begin. For kilns that operate at high temperatures, they cannot be stopped once they are put into operation. Glass water cannot be released until the end of the kiln period to cool down and dismantle the kiln, that is, cold repair.

Preparatory work before cold repair includes the following aspects:

01 Design and material preparation Before cold repair, based on the production plan of the new kiln and the use experience of the old kiln, the parts that need cold repair and the technical transformation plan should be proposed, and then theoretical calculation and structural design should be carried out, and a plan of materials required for cold repair should be proposed based on the structural design. .

02 The materials used for brick preparation (mainly refractory materials) should be carefully inspected after arriving at the factory. Bricks that need to be processed should be ground and processed, and special parts should be pre-layed.

03 Plan to list the project schedule in detail before arranging cold repairs, so that specific construction personnel can clarify the operating methods and quality requirements, and do a good job in personnel arrangement and training.

04 Review of drawings and marking Before construction, all drawings must be reviewed in detail and any errors found must be corrected immediately. Before construction, the masonry position must be determined and marked on site according to the drawings. The most important thing for marking is to determine the center line, drip center and liquid level.

05 Standard lines and templates When building masonry, in order to ensure accurate masonry dimensions, standard lines or templates are required. The standard line generally uses rope lines to mark the vertical and horizontal lines of each part, and the sample is measured in a standard shape of steel or wood. Before masonry, the standard line should be drawn and the template should be made.

06 Prepare masonry tools such as brick laying, brick cutting, concrete and other tools.

07 Releasing the molten glass in the furnace is an important part of the cold repair work. The requirement for unloading work is safety and thoroughness.

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