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Importance of ladle nozzle in Slide Gate System

Jan 15,2019

Importance of ladle nozzle in Slide Gate System

A typical Slide Gate System consists of 

  • Slide Plates

  • Ladle Nozzle

  • Collector Nozzle

  • Well Block

  • Monolithics

Casting duration depends on slide plate. The plates' life depends on many factors, one of which is the positioning and quality of ladle nozzle.

Suppose, you make an exceptional plate, but don't give much quality to ladle nozzle. At the time of usage, the bad quality ladle nozzle will corrode more readily which will increase the steel flow to plate. As a result, the plate bore Will increase and it will crack in no time.

The face of slide gate system is important in high casting duration. Even the positioning of nozzles. If the release nozzle is taper just slightly, the steel will start flowing from there and crack the plate in no time.

We take care of each and every aspect of slide gate system. Every product is manufactured using superior quality materials and passed through several quality and usability checks. We ensure that a client gets what he asked for; Higher Casting Life.

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