Refractory Bricks

What is the differents between Refractory Castable and Refractory Cement

Jan 03,2019

Refractory castables and refractory cement are common refractory materials, they are widely used, high refractoriness, then what is the difference between the two We can refer to the following:

First, refractory pouring material:

With a certain amount of refractory material by adding a certain amount of binder made of granular and powdery material. With high fluidity, suitable for casting molding of unshaped refractories. Is better.

Applications: Their wide range of applications, according to the conditions of use of the materials used and binder to be selected. Can be directly poured into the use of the lining, but also can be made by pouring or shaking prefabricated block used. Mainly used To build a variety of furnace lining and other overall structure.

Second, refractory cement:

Concept: Fire resistance of not less than 1580 ° C of cement. According to the composition can be divided into aluminate refractory cement, low calcium aluminate refractory cement, calcium magnesium aluminate cement and dolomite refractory cement.

Application: refractory cement can be used to cement all kinds of refractory aggregate (such as corundum, calcined high bauxite, etc.), made of refractory mortar or concrete for cement rotary kiln and other industrial furnace lining.

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