Refractory Bricks

The refractory castable integral furnace cover of hot mine furnace is prefabricated with high aluminum castable

Jan 02,2019

Construction structure diagram of inner lining of furnace cover for mining hot furnace. The inner lining of furnace cover adopts precast block hoisting masonry mode, the working layer adopts high aluminum castable precast block hoisting masonry, and the stainless steel hanger adopts 1Cr18Ni9Ti material. Working layer precast block masonry thickness 350mm, flue and electrode hole around the use of plastic or ramming material construction. The gap between the precast block and the precast block in the working layer is filled with fire-resistant fiber cotton to prevent smoke from channeling fire.
The intermittent time of this masonry mode is easy to control, but the cost of production control and roasting of the finished products is high. In addition, the masonry structure of single-layer castable precast blocks is easy to lead to large thermal radiation on the outer surface of the working layer, high heat loss, increase the smelting cost and waste resources, which is not conducive to the promotion and application of the furnace cover of mineral heating furnace.

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