Refractory Bricks

The Refractories for Ferrosilicon hot Furnace

Dec 27,2018

The industry of ferroalloys knows that the melting temperature of ferrosilicon is very high, and the slag, high-temperature solution and refractory material interact with each other to make the lining of the ore furnace susceptible to severe erosion. In the selection of refractory materials for ferrosilicon furnace, it should be formulated according to the smelting characteristics of ferrosilicon.

Ferrosilicon furnace

First of all, we need to understand the smelting characteristics of ferrosilicon. The process of smelting ferrosilicon in a submerged arc furnace is: mixing silica, coke, iron raw materials, etc. according to a certain amount of composition, and feeding the mixed batch into the ore furnace through the feeding device, at a high temperature The silicon in the silica reacts with the carbon to form silicon, and the silicon and iron form ferrosilicon and are periodically discharged from the iron furnace of the ore furnace, and are placed in a special ladle, then cast, cooled, inspected, stored and processed into customers. The required granularity.
According to the characteristics of the smelting of the ferrosilicon furnace, the requirements of the lining material can be summarized. The lining of the ferrosilicon furnace is required to withstand the pressure of the charge, the scouring of the furnace gas, the molten iron and the physicochemical erosion of the slag. To withstand high temperatures, the following requirements are imposed on the lining material of the ferrosilicon furnace.
1. It is necessary to use refractory materials and heat insulation materials with high refractoriness, high strength, corrosion resistance, rapid cooling and rapid heat performance, large heat capacity, low thermal conductivity and small volume expansion coefficient.
2. The oxidized iron tapping part should be made of refractory material with high refractoriness, good resistance to molten iron corrosion and oxidation, high temperature resistance and good thermal stability.
According to the above requirements of the lining material of the ferrosilicon furnace, it can be found that the refractory materials that can be applied on the ferrosilicon furnace are: asbestos board, aluminum silicate fiber felt, clay brick, high alumina brick, roasting carbon block. Or self-baked carbon block, refractory earth, refractory particles, phosphate mud, anthrax and other materials.

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