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The difference between corundum castable and corundum mullite castable

Aug 20,2019

Corundum castables have higher aluminum content and higher prices than ordinary castables. However, good products have a longer effect and are longer than other castables.
There are two kinds of corundum castables that we often see. One is corundum refractory castables, and the other is corundum mullite refractory castables. The two castables that seem to contain corundum actually have very good performance. What is the difference between corundum and corundum mullite?
The corundum contained in the corundum refractory castable is a trigonal system. The crystal form is generally short column. The corundum itself has high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties, excellent chemical stability and resistance to reducing agents. The ability, so corundum is a high-grade refractory material in the unshaped refractory material. Corundum is usually made of industrial alumina or bauxite after sintering or electrofusion. Therefore, the industrial use is artificial corundum, but The density and hardness of artificial corundum are relatively large, so the effect is also significant;
The mullite contained in the corundum refractory castable is relatively rare in nature, and the industrial mullite raw materials are artificially synthesized, with high purity and high density. Good structure, low creep rate, low thermal expansion, good thermal shock resistance and strong chemical resistance. It is widely used in the refractory industry, and it is also developing rapidly, but if it is corundum and Molai Stone ratio, the hardness and true density of corundum is much better than mullite.
The difference between corundum and corundum mullite is mainly in performance. Corundum refractory castables are mainly wear-resistant and fire-resistant, while corundum mullite refractory castables are mainly resistant to thermal shock. The aluminum content of the stone castables is not as high as that of the corundum high strength castables. However, the flexibility of corundum mullite castables is better.

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