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Properties and characteristics of prefabricated refractory products

Aug 29,2019

The refractory preform combines the shape diversity characteristics of the amorphous product, has better performance than the amorphous refractory material, and is more flexible than the shaped product.
The main processes of the prefabrication include several processes of making mold-forming-conservation-baking-moulding, and its outstanding features include the following aspects.
Performance and characteristics of refractory preforms
1. It is not limited by the shape of the equipment. It can produce a variety of block-shaped prefabricated parts. It inherits the unshaped refractory material and can realize the special-shaped features. It can make various blocks according to the shape of the equipment, and can also meet various kiln specialties. Requirements for the use of shaped parts.
2, the service life is longer, because the production process has been carried out in the production enterprises to overcome the on-site construction time constraints, management and other drawbacks, after adequate maintenance and strict baking, so that the performance of refractory materials can be fully exerted.
Performance and characteristics of refractory preforms
3, can be installed quickly, save time without on-site pouring, no need to support and dismantle the mold, no construction tools, only on-site installation and combination. It is convenient and quick, and greatly reduces the on-site construction time. At the time of delivery, the supplier has completed the pouring, curing, drying and baking in advance. It effectively solves the problem of cracking of castables caused by rapid igniting of the ignition on the site, which is more convenient and convenient for users.
Performance and characteristics of refractory preforms
4, is not subject to environmental temperature restrictions, and the construction of castables is limited by the ambient temperature, too high temperature will cause the castable to coagulate early, the temperature is too low, causing the castable to retard or not. Therefore, the construction of castables should be selected for the season. The winter in the north and the high weather in the south are not suitable for castable construction. After forced construction, the performance of refractory materials will decrease. Prefabricated parts are not required for the environment, are not limited by the ambient temperature, and can be constructed in any season environment, and the scope of use is wider.
5, easy to replace disassembly and storage. It is very convenient to replace in actual production. If the prefabricated block is damaged, the damaged unit can be replaced directly and completed in a short time.
At present, refractory preforms are used in the field for feedback, and the wear resistance is higher than that of castable products of the same grade, and the service life is longer.

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